Febreze Tower Air Purifier FHT190V, Gray

90.20 98.99

SKU : 36855611

Categories : Air Purifiers

Brand : Febreze


Breathe cleaner with the Febreze Tower Air Purifier. Its unique design cleans the air, eliminates odors and emits a fresh scent all at once. Made for a large room, this tower filters the air up to five times an hour for optimal circulation. The HEPA-type air purifier captures up to 99 percent of dust, pet dander and other allergens that pass through your air. Control the amount of filtering it does with an easy-grasp knob that switches between three distinct settings. This Febreze air purifier also lets you control the amount of scent released into your air. The gray FHT190V model comes with one Linen & Sky scent cartridge for convenient set-up. It displays handy indicators when you need to replace either the filter or scent cartridge. Keep your air clean and refreshing with a Febreze Tower Air Purifier.

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